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Pasadena Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

PictureAdvocating for our injured public servants to recover compensation
Police officers, firefighters, paramedics and other sworn personnel,  dedicate their lives to protecting our community. At the Law Offices of Alan B. Snitzer, A Professional Corporation, our attorneys dedicate their careers to protecting our public safety officers’ legal rights. “We’re YOUR back-ups!”

Established 40 years ago, (August 1, 1979), our firm was founded on a respect for justice and a deeply-rooted sense of loyalty to our clients. Whether you have been injured in the line of duty or during off-duty hours, we are ready to help you obtain the best possible compensation to get your life back on track in cases involving:

  • Workers compensation (PUBLIC SAFETY ONLY)
    • Personal Injury
      • Wrongful Death

You risk your life for the public and you deserve your rightful benefits!
Armed with extensive knowledge and refined litigation skills, our attorneys never wait until tomorrow to perform legal actions that can help you today.  We strategize decisive, clear plans that bring you immediate relief and accomplish your long-term goals. We listen attentively  to your needs, respond directly to your questions and always keep you updated about the status of your case. Our compassionate approach to your case helps ease the anxiety that often accompanies injuries and the legal process.

Mission to public service
Alan B. Snitzer appreciates the fortitude and strength required to ensure the public’s safety. As a former Military Police sergeant in the Army National Guard and an assistant editor of The Blue Line—the official newspaper of the Buffalo Police Department police union, as a young man—he had the opportunity to experience and observe both the satisfactions and stresses inherent in public safety officer positions. His early work instilled in him the basis for his lifetime mission. Armed with a strong sense of uncompromising duty, Alan founded the Law Offices of Alan B. Snitzer, A Professional Corporation to provide relief for injured public safety officers.

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The Law Offices of Alan B. Snitzer, A Professional Corporation is located in Pasadena, CA and represents clients throughout Pasadena, Burbank, Glendale, the San Gabriel Valley,  and the greater Los Angeles County metropolitan area. We have also handled significant cases in other parts of California, as well.

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NOTE: It is a felony in California to fraudulently seek, claim or collect worker’s compensation benefits, punishable by imprisonment in the State Prison, a fine, or both.